Headline — 20 January 2018 — by Micah Goodin
Quincy Gentle, 28, executed on Kelly Street

His brother, Geovanni “Blegeh” Gentle, 30, was gunned down in July 2016

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 18, 2018– Wednesday night’s murder on Belize City’s north side has all the hallmarks of a gang execution.

The victim, Quincy Gentle, 28, considered an associate of the Majestic Alley/Kelly Street/Ghost Town gangs, was gunned down just a stone’s throw away from his home on Wilson Street in Belize City.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Alejandro Cowo, today told the press that when Gentle reached the junction of Kelly Street and Wilson Street, a gunman emerged and opened fire on him. He was hit multiple times in the midsection by the assailant, who then fled the scene.

Gentle was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he succumbed to his injuries at around 4 a.m. today, Thursday.

According to Cowo, Gentle was a street figure whose execution was connected to a gang-related incident days ago. Amandala suspects that Cowo was making reference to the murder of reputed Victoria Street gang boss, Leon Garcia, 27, who was fatally stabbed on January 1.

For the murder of Garcia, a resident of Majestic Alley, Steven Flowers, 24, has since been arraigned and remanded to the Belize Central Prison.

Yet, Belize City’s north side has been volatile, and has been the scene of three recent murders. Today, Amandala spoke with Kilanie Gentle, a sister of the deceased.

She told our newspaper that he had been shot in his chest and thigh. Thereafter, he ran into the Chon Saan Palace restaurant to escape his attacker.

“He run inside a Chon San fi try help ihself because if he never run deh mi wa finish he right down deh. The person coh fi kill ah,” she said.

According to her, hours later her brother passed away because a vein to his heart had burst, preventing him from getting any oxygen.

She further told us, in defense of her brother, “The person weh shot my bredda, deh shot ah fi no reason because he da nuh like that.”

According to her, her brother did have a criminal past, but it did not involve any major incidents, and he was trying to change his life.

“My bredda mi di try change ih life and I believe that every time yuh change, like things start to happen … Ih gone now and deh can’t come back come kill ah no more,” she said.

She added, “He mi di try stop hang out, try stop follow the wrong crowd, the wrong company, things like that, and ih start work up and my ma was happy with that.”

According to the sister, her brother’s life was taken because of the friends he had associated with. She explained, “Ih choose the wrong crowd, the wrong people deh. I used to tell ah, bredda, weh yuh di hang out fa, stay home, your house nuh di cuss you. You nuh hungry.”

She told Amandala that she had warned her brother to exercise caution following the increased tensions among gangs on Belize City’s northside.

“I tell my bredda, just like how I tell di fus one, bredda when beef deh on, never stray from yuh house. If you need something, send somebody go buy it fi yuh and stay home fi avoid problem.”

And while the Gentle family attempts to bury their loved one, his murder has reopened old wounds.

His older brother, Geovanni “Blegeh” Gentle, 30, was gunned down at the corner of Turton Lane and Regent Street West in Belize City in July 2016.

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection with the murder of either of the Gentle brothers.

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