Letters — 16 April 2013 — by Luke Palacio

Editor Amandala

In the early 1950’s David McKoy was the man who organized the General Workers Union in the Stann Creek District, using a motorcycle as his transportation. In 1957 he got elected as Stann Creek West representative for the PUP and was appointed Minister of Labour. He was the first Minister of Labour in Belize. He also was in government for 32 years, from 1957 to 1989.

As Minister of Labour Hon. David McKoy spent 5 years negotiating to have the Social Security funds be established for the welfare of all workers. Today the Social Security funds have grown to many millions of dollars, a great safety valve to Belize, but Hon. David McKoy’s picture is not displayed at any of the Social Security offices here in Belize.

It is disrespectful and hate for a Garifuna by those in authority which prevent them from giving Hon. David McKoy the recognition he so deserves. We were quick to name Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and also quick to deny a Belizean the recognition for leaving millions of dollars money for the people of Belize, just because of his being a Garifuna.

We have to civilize our attitude and allow Belize to develop. Hate and discrimination will not take us anywhere. We have to acknowledge and support useful development for Belize regardless of who is doing it.

Social Security funds were a Garifuna man’s idea. We have to accept what we cannot change. This Social Security is a milking cow for the dishonest and greedy. Belizeans know this.

Garinagu have the gift to bring about development; you cannot stop them. Development is a hidden part of their culture. We have to accept and live with this reality. Let us not deny the people of Belize of their true history.

Luke Palacio

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