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Reflections. When comes such another?

As we ponder the passing of our great and beloved global warrior for peace, freedom, justice and equality – Madiba, Nelson Mandela, may his soul rest in peace, the greatness and the humility of this giant of a man forces us to reflect on his comrades, the other great men/women in the struggle for life’s eternal goals and dreams for all humanity.

Twenty-seven years of incarceration. Defiance. Anger. Unity and commitment in the struggle. Determination and sacrifice. The goal and the objective. For the people, for the future. The journey. The only solution. The only hope. Dignity and humility. The power of prayer, soul searching, and redemptive vision. Justice “roll down like waters.” Forgiveness and reconciliation. Amandla. Power to the people, all the people, “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.”

When we look back upon this man, who walked and talked among us, and smiled with us, and raised his fist in defiance and his hand for “peace and love” and unity for all his people; when we marvel at the greatness and the beauty of God’s creation, personified in the wisdom and the dignity and the humility of our great Madiba; when we reflect upon the warmness of heart and inspiration of mind that permeates our very soul in grappling with the passing of this great one… it behooves us, especially at this time of year, to reconsider and reflect upon another great one, whose life and message continue to inspire and empower new generations of freedom fighters, warriors for peace, with human rights and dignity, always dignity, and defiance in the face of injustice.

“If needs be…” To be willing to give one’s life for this noble struggle for our people, “if needs be….” But, thy will be done. Madiba went to prison; hard labor; 27 years.

But the one they called “Jesus, the Christ” knew fully well, in his defiance against “principalities and powers” of the flesh, that indeed “it needs be,” according to his ordained destiny.

The anguish and the pain, heart wrenching betrayal, the brutal beating and scourging, on the road to this life’s cruel end. 33 is so young; and still, “forgive them, Father.” What manner of “man” is this?

Some prominent “right wing” voices are castigating the newly anointed head of the Vatican, Pope Francis, for his criticisms of “unbridled capitalism” and “trickle down economics.” Keep an eye on this new Pope. A voice for the oppressed has no color. He might be a friend of Madiba.

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