Letters — 13 May 2014 — by William Myvett

May 6, 2014

Dear Dr. Saunders,

I fully agree with the contents of your letter to the mayor in the Sunday, May 4, 2014 edition of the Amandala newspaper.

A mechanical street sweeper will do a great service in keeping the newly cemented streets clean and in addition to being cost effective, will provide a healthier environment for the citizens of Belize City.

In view of your most welcome comments, I must, however, also make mention of the present Belize Waste Control Contract that was signed under a previous PUP City Council; not only was that contract beyond the time of the then City Council’s term of office, but it is beyond the tenure of this present Council and all future Councils’ governance.

I wonder who all were anticipating that contract at the said time, and what were the logistics or concerns, if any, at arriving at that contract? I am of the opinion that no Council should sign contracts beyond their term of office so as to avoid opening the door to speculation.

Keeping the city’s interest at heart should be first and foremost for any City Council; let’s keep our city clean instead of thinking mean.

William Myvett

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