Crime — 16 April 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

Two burglaries reportedly occurred in Belize City which resulted in total losses to their victims of over $9,000 in cash and goods.

Cambranes Bakery of Freetown Road in the city was burglarized sometime after closing at 9:00 Friday night, and before its reopening at 5:50 Saturday morning. Thieves stole a 12-inch monitor valued at $800, and cash, to a total value of $1,615.

The bakery owner, Salvador Cambranes, 56, told police that he is sure that he secured the bakery at the end of the workday on Friday night.

Also, at about 3:00 o’clock Friday morning, Gilbert Ellis, 97, was in his house on Nurse Seay Street in Belize City when he was awakened by a noise in the lower flat of his two-flat house. He got up to see what was happening, and went to the lower flat, and that was when he found that the house’s lower flat had been burglarized.

Thieves had taken his 32-inch flat screen TV valued at $900, a cell phone with calling number 632-4593, two car batteries, Renco brand, valued at $400, $120 in cash, along with the keys to his car and keys to his house.

His 2000 626 Mazda Sedan car with license plate number C-46899, valued at $6,000, also was stolen by the thieves, all totaling $7,515 in value.

Police have launched an investigation into the incidents, but nothing has been recovered so far.

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