Crime — 10 June 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

The Image store on Albert Store was robbed by two armed robbers at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon and thieves got away with about $1,500 in cash and valuables.

The store supervisor, an Indian national, told police that he and two store workers, both of Seashore Drive, Buttonwood Bay, were conducting stocktaking when two men entered the store. One of the men was armed with a silver pistol.

The armed thief pointed the gun at them and the second thief began robbing them. In all, the thieves stole a Galaxy cell phone with calling number 634-9423, valued $800; a gold chain; a gold GO cell phone with calling number 628-6407, valued at $200; and all the money that was in the cash register, which was about $500.

The thieves then left the store on separate bicycles. They rode onto Prince Street and disappeared into the surrounding area.

Police do not have any suspects as yet.

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