Letters — 11 March 2017
Romel Cuello says, absurd ideas …

Editor Amandala

Dear Sir,

Am hearing two going backwards and absurd ideas floating around – the enforcement of having to present an income tax release to leave the country.

Man, this thing dates back to when King Hatchet was a hammer. If the authorities need to detain someone, that is okay, but you must not and should not inconvenience thousands of persons to get to a very few. Has this requirement caught 10 culprits in the last decade?

The bringing back of Business Income Tax in place of the Business Tax – the Business Tax substituted for the Business Income Tax because it is a surer and simpler way to collect the taxes.

Under the old system, a lot less was collected. The stats can be checked by whoever makes decisions and is interested. If GOB needs more revenue, it just needs to raise from 1.75 to 2, or 2.5%. Many more millions will flow in.

Just saying.


Romel Cuello

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