Letters — 07 July 2018
Romel queries the Ministry of Transport

Dear Editor,

 I have a query for the Ministry and/or Department of Transport.
On our Belize driver’s licence there is a B2 category for six-wheel trucks and a B3 for tandem drive vehicles (with trailer).

On our highways you can frequently see delivery trucks with an extra (dead) differential, adding four more wheels to the vehicle so it can withstand more weight.

Some delivery truck drivers have only a B2 six-wheel truck licence, and some transport officers want to ticket them whenever they are driving these added dead axle trucks because they consider them ten-wheelers.

Methinks that these trucks are technically six-wheelers and not ten-wheelers, which would normally have a double differential with traction (live); for example, some dump trucks are equipped like that.

Would someone in the proper authority please make a ruling on this, since we have had problems with some officers who insist on ticketing drivers for this?

Romel Cuello

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