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Rough letter from San Narciso PUP

LettersRough letter from San Narciso PUP

August 28, 2016

Editor Amandala

Thanks to Dean Barrow, we are now known throughout the world as “the only English speaking country in Central America with one of the highest levels of corruption in the world.”

“We da wa important country.”

Kudos to you, Barrow. You did it.

Help for our people due to the ravages of Hurricane Earl was slow in coming and in small amounts. The international community is well aware of the situation in Belize. They are hesitant in giving money to this present government since they are not sure if the money will be used for the needs of the poor people, or just to fatten the UDP’s pockets.

The funny part in all this is that if the (UDP) was to call an election tomorrow, they would win hands down. Okay, let me explain. Belize people are so messed up and in need that come election time they vote for the person/persons who pay them the best. It’s a trend both parties started and now they have to live with it. The UDP has perfected this art.

The people do not see the Opposition (PUP) as the party to lead them past these obstacles. They want/need a new party. Why??? The (PUP) leaders have not been listening to their poor masses. All they have been doing is fighting amongst themselves.

For example, the past Party Leader got rid of two sitting area representatives – one in Cayo and one in Dangriga. No matter what reasons and excuses he made for doing this, the bottom line was that these people came from poor backgrounds; this was unacceptable to him. He wanted his people in these areas, no matter if they lost. They were his people.

In Belmopan area the people have to contend with a crazy idiot as an area representative.

In the Corozal District, two ignorant and disrespectful morons pass for (PUP) party leaders.

These are the people who are leading the (PUP) party. Is it any wonder that the people are fed up with the (PUP)?

In retrospect, when George Price was ready to step down and decided to have a convention to select his successor, his good name and image on all he had done for his country was tarnished. His true face came forth. All he was interested in was to leave his family at the helm of the ship. No matter how inappropriate and incompetent they were. All it came down to was “power and money.”

If he had left his trusty Deputy of many years in his stead, I think we would be in a better position today. But this could never be. His Deputy was from a poor background and especially not from Belize City. Should we call Price a hero of this nation? You decide!

If our present Party Leader was to get rid of all those idiotic, crazy, selfish morons who are in the party leadership only for the money and get people of true faith and substance he would instantly get the backing of the poor masses and then we could get rid of this atrocious and corrupt government. Is he up to this task? Does he have the testicular fortitude to make this change? Only time will tell. But he better make up his mind. Quickly.

The people are getting more desperate by the day.

Mr. Eulogio Itzab

San Narciso Village
Corozal District

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