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Seek union, not division: Swatsigga

Dear Editor,

I thank you for taking consideration of my thoughts and publishing them in your newspaper.  Our Constitution clearly gives us the right to openly express ourselves without fear. I compliment your newspaper for being brave enough to share the truth that will awaken many of us.

Over the past few months I have been reading news around the world and noticed that most of them are centered on war, politics and economy. Nobody writes on the positive events and technological achievements of mankind that help us to progress as a united species.  All of our media is centered on negative events that keep humanity negative and in consequence without hope. Over the course of my reading I have come to understand that by being positive we can move mountains, just as faith can move mountains. Being positive is just a part of having hope!

The aim of the media and those in power is to have us in a state of confusion and in turn they can have control of us. It’s as easy as marketing a product that is no good; just add a professional or a well-known artist and the effect is incredible. People will rush to buy the product. Mind control without you being conscious! The same applies to the power of the media which the wealthy and powerful and those in Government use to have control of us.

Incredible isn’t it? We have been conditioned to believe what our eyes can see. There is much more beyond what our eyes can see.

Coming back to reality in Belize, I want to point to the issue of our governance and how it works. Both the United Democratic Party (UDP) and People’s United Party (PUP) are tailored from the same spider-web.  Take into consideration that the same PUP and UDP leaders are friends and pretend to be enemies in the eyes of society. There is a bigger power above them that manages the timeline. It’s easy to understand; both of them are like a product being marketed to us. We buy on the fact that a political party is better for our society and thus society is moved to vote for them.

What we don’t realize is that our “democracy” is manipulated unconsciously upon us. Those in power pay us for our vote and yet we don’t realize it. Our human need for money to purchase what we need drives us to sell our votes. So the product is the political party and their aid to convince us is our need to be better in society, new opportunities, more jobs, more affordable education and better public services.

I can go on to write more but I don’t want to take precious space in your newspaper. We humans, and we Belizeans, should start to seek union, and not division. Political parties are here and will be always here to divide us and keep us in conflict with one another.

During the time that we are divided, they are disbursing millions and millions of our hard paid taxes to their bank accounts and to their closely related business partners in crime. The biggest criminals in our society are the people in Government! We should use our power to request accountability, proper accountability.

I end with this statement: “Hitler was no harm to society; his subjects obeyed his orders and fulfilled his requests; we are the ones who let our government and public institutions ruin us!”

Power to the people!


David Swatsigga

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