Letters — 05 January 2016
Letter to the Editor: A senior Belizean’s plea from Santa Elena

December 7, 2015

132 Edwardo Juan St.
Santa Elena, Cayo

Editor Amandala,


I would like to ask the Hon. Prime Minister for a bit of consideration for those elderly Belizeans who have played a part in contributing to the Social Security but were unable to complete the five hundred (500) contributions. There are many of us who only managed to reach three hundred and fifty (350) contributions and had to accept a little grant of about three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) about seven to twelve years ago. How could that little grant help a person through the rest of his older years?

There is nothing wrong for the non-contributors to be getting a small pension. But why should we, the ones who have worked so hard and contributed for so long, be pushed aside and forgotten? We are human, poor and needy. Please, Mr. Prime Minister, please give us some consideration, just like the non-contributors.

I am a Belizean of 71 years. I contributed far more than the little grant I’ve gotten over ten years ago. I’ve been through all questioning, visitations and all conditions, and was told that I should be qualified for a little pension, but after a few weeks I got a letter stating that they have noticed that I received a little grant and they are sorry to tell me I am not qualified.


J. Duheaney

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