Letters — 07 February 2014

Shakiera LOMONT
8 Route de Changis
Jaignes France
0033 602308909
Shakiera Lomont
Trust, love and honesty!

To The Publisher,

Shakiera LOMONT writes from France

This letter is not a reply, but somewhat like an “OKEYING” to your last letter to the public. It hits me on the 6th February morning as I opened my computer as usual to read my country’s news; honestly, I am not a frequent reader of your letters, but I have been reading them regularly for the past three weeks. I like the way you express yourself and the words you choose to express yourself; it makes me want to pick up the pen again … more on that.

About education! I hate that word; it’s like regrouping people, pure segregation, sometimes it could be described as racism. I know what I am saying because I myself am uneducated. Who feels it, knows it. There are times that I can’t join in certain conversations, comprehend certain situations, but an uneducated person feels, breathes and has emotions just like a PhD professor. You see why I mention racism and segregation?

I went to Saint John Vianney Primary School; after, I chose Anglican Cathedral College. My first time to redo a class was in first form. In the third year (second form) I left high school. I thought it was not what I wanted, but I was already obsessed with the pen: ask Anthony Sylvester. I know my grammar, spelling and punctuations. Where not always correct, sometimes it held me back, discouraged me.

Other things did discourage me. Leaving college was not my choice; I had no back up. I was young, a bit foolish and wanted the easy way out. I looked at my older sister who graduated from ACC; she was working at Williamson. I then turned and looked at my three younger sisters, and finally my country and cried. For all the dropouts, there was a bad wind blowing saying, “You go to school, you graduate, you can’t afford university, you end up being a cashier.” BIG DEAL!

Now my three sisters all graduated from Wesley: one in Barbados, one at UB and the third a little off track, but should be back on soon. They all say they want better for their country since they were in their first year of college. I should have thought the same about my country back then, instead of myself.

I have been 9 years in France; here the country is bigger, life is faster, people don’t give a damn. The strongest survive, not the most educated.

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