Letters — 06 August 2013 — by Russell Czarnecki

Dear Editor,

About 8 months ago, after living in Belize for a bit more than 6 years, I moved permanently to Mexico. My frustrations over the sad state of ALL Belizean institutions coupled with the relentless avarice of GOB—which gets worse all the time—made me realize how unhappy I was in this land of so much natural beauty.

Amandala carries the torch as best it can—I never miss an on-line issue—but the general population, I think, has become so dispirited and hopeless over the chance of meaningful change in the system and in their lives that they view criticisms like mine with little interest, or even less kindly, as another example of a Gringo (American, in this case) telling a local how to do things.

Well, I know one thing for sure, and Amandala knows it as well, and that is to sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards of strong men.

All the best in the struggle,
Russell Czarnecki

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