Features — 24 May 2013 — by Miriam Longsworth

There was an abrupt cancellation of summer classes at St. John’s College Junior College on Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

The reason for cancelling classes was that enough students did not pay for their courses. We were told by a few students that only 50 out of about 400 students had paid for the summer sessions.

We spoke to a few students who were registered for the summer session. One of them told us they were informed that classes would be cancelled while classes were in session on Tuesday, which was to be the first day of the summer session.

A first-year student told us that a teacher walked into the classroom and made the announcement, but the lecturer carried on with the lesson because it was thought that the announcement meant classes would be cancelled for that day only. The student said that the teacher returned and repeated her announcement, emphasizing that it meant classes were cancelled for the entire summer semester.

One second-year student told us that he only had one class left to take before he received his diploma. He approached the academic dean about his situation and he was advised to register in August for the next school year in order to complete the required coursework for his Associate degree.

He told us that he refused to do so and will choose to transfer to a university without having an Associate degree. He added that the situation seems “unbelievable and fishy” because in previous years the school has had to deal with similar situations where students did not pay for classes, and the school simply withheld reports and diplomas until payments were made.

The students said they will be given a refund of their payment for classes on Friday, May 24.

Some students mentioned that a few of their peers had difficulty paying for their classes during the registration period and did not complete payments before the starting date of the sessions. We called the school for comments today, Thursday, but were told that all administration personnel were in a meeting and would not be available.

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