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Slay the wicked!

Dear Editor,

The Bible is a book for all times. Whether it was the massacre of Muslim men, women and children at Ayyadieh in 1191, the American Civil War of 1881, Belize‘s Independence of 1981 or the Robotic Wars of 2150; these events have all been accurately foretold in the pages of this good book.

While there are other religious writings such as the Quran and the Talmud that deserve equal respect, the Bible works well for the majority of us here in Belize.

Unfortunately, many people dismiss the Bible as a collection of fables and disconnected verses. They say it only talks about ancient times when people walked around in robes with colorful rags on their heads, traveled in horse-drawn chariots and that sort of thing. So they are amused.

But for those who have been shown the way of the Bible, it is a never-ending source of inspiration, upliftment, clarity and wisdom. There are so many people who reach out for this good book every day in Belize that to list them all would require an entire newspaper. Business people keep a copy of the Bible in their establishments for protection and prosperity. Doctors pray certain verses before they operate on patients. Mothers take time out at night, after the children are asleep, to read passages for the progress and safety of their families. Teachers are often heard encouraging students to pray so as to ward off evil that entices young, energetic and unbridled minds. Politicians pull out their Bibles in their private time, and ask for guidance before making important decisions. And millions of men and women of the military all over the world have placed pocket Bibles in their back-packs or on their helmets for protection and comfort during war.

Some years ago, here in Cayo, there seemed to be a Bible revolution. Study groups were popping up in many different religious congregations. Men would gather weekly to search the writings and interpret its meaning, then speak publicly about their findings. Since 2007 or so there has been a decline of these fellowships however. And some members of these same study groups have let their Bibles gather dust as they live the ¨good life¨ of super abundance and hedonism.

In 2018, Belize´s worst fears have all converged to create one giant monster ready to devour us. Our aggressive neighbor has calculated that with weak government this is the right time to draw out her sword and demand our land as her own. She continues to punk us in our own territory! At the same time, the devil is jumping up in front of the congregation, dressed in sheep’s clothing, preaching to the beloved that “everything will be okay at the ICJ”. As if this were not enough, corruption and mismanagement have stripped our national coffers beyond the point of prudence. Crops are failing and our fish stocks are being depleted. Morality has been fed to the dogs. And our leaders are in internal conflict with each other. There is even talk on the streets and over the airwaves of conspiracy and collusion by some of our leaders with this aggressive neighbor. There has never been a more perilous time in Belizean history.

In these times of injustice, treachery and conspiracy within and outside our borders, more Belizeans need to be encouraged to pick up their Bibles. We need to seek its counsel and then take firm action.

Regardless of our human errors or childish mischief, the Bible teaches us that we will be forgiven as a people if we are truly sorry in our hearts. Then, a safe passage will be granted for our country through these dark times.

And as for those persons who are planning and plotting against our little country at a feverish pace, let it be known to them that the Bible has promised us this: Evil shall slay the Wicked!!! … Interpretation:
The Devil will turn around and eat his own wicked followers!!!

And the humble people of Belize shall be witnesses to their destruction.

Emil Rodriguez
San Ignacio

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