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Southside businessman murdered in his office!

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Nov. 26, 2015–Businessman and construction equipment supplier, Ruben Perez, 50, of Vernon Street, today was murdered at his business place, and his devastated family is trying to grapple with his sudden loss, and the merciless and senseless manner in which he was gunned down.

Perez was shot in the chest and head in his office, on the compound of his business, Perez Construction Supplies, on Vernon Street, at about 3:30 this evening.

Surveillance cameras show that two unmasked men came into his office, and when Perez got up to see what they wanted, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot him twice, once in the head and once in the chest. Reports are that three shots were fired.

The men then ran out of the store and sped away on their bicycles, heading around the curve on the road towards the George Price Highway, near the Lord Ridge Cemetery.

One of the men, however, quickly came back to the office to rob the mortally wounded businessman of his phone. The gunman then again sped away.

Police who were in the area responded quickly, and Perez was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he died shortly after while doctors were attending to him.

Police viewed the security cameras’ recordings, and began an immediate search of the area. A man who was seen in the area fitting the description of one of the killers was quickly apprehended by the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU).

Since the murder was captured on multiple cameras, police have begun the search for the second killer.

A neighbor told Amandala that a truck had just pulled into the yard and delivered sand and gravel, and she saw Perez talking to the driver of the truck, which was then driven out of the compound.

Perez then went into his office, and shortly after, she heard three shots, but thought that it was “pop shots” from toy guns, and ignored it.

Shortly after, however, she heard a commotion, and when she looked out of her window, she saw police near the compound, and was told that Perez had been shot. She saw him being taken away in the pan of a police mobile unit.

Tonight, the family gathered at his home on the compound, and is mourning the loss of the well-known and well-liked Ruben Perez.

People who knew him, knew him to be a straight-up businessman who was very helpful and was always willing to give advice. He was friendly and cool, his family and friends said.
Ruben Perez is survived by his wife, children, father, brothers, and a host of relatives, and also, his many customers.

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