Sports — 25 April 2005

But with about 3 minutes left in the first half, the two Tyrone?s of the Bombers began their push and managed to pull their team to within 6 points of the lead 21-15.

Second half was intense, with Bombers? Tyrone Felix hitting for 11 second half points. But tonight the Diamonds would not be undone, as Brooks continued his onslaught, assisted by John Rudon. They hit for 8 and 7 second half points, respectively, and with Jason Leslie?s precise passing, dishing out a game high 7 assists, it began to dawn on the Bombers late that their debut was not going to end in victory. The final score read 55-39 in favor of Diamond Int?l. Sheldon Williams and Mark Brooks had 13 pts apiece, while Tyrone Felix had 15 pts for the Bombers.

Diamond Int?l?s next game has them against Belizean Shores, while the Bombers await a date with the ?Jabiru?s? of Central Bank.

There will be no games played this weekend in interoffice ball due to the Labor Day weekend. Games resume next Wednesday when BIMS/Alberts will play their first game of the season against FCIB ?Diamonds?. In the night cap Port of Belize Ltd does battle with MBE/GPO ?Elites.

All teams that have back matches are reminded that these games will be made up at the end of the regular season; the league will try its best not to disrupt the regular schedule.

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