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Spotlight on golf in Belize – 4th Annual Corkers World Cup

BELIZE CITY—The 4th Annual Corkers World Cup took place last weekend at the Roaring River Golf Course, as players from all over the world competed in a team tournament, with the Belizean Americas trying to win their 4th title against the Belizean International Team. The following story (slightly edited) appears on the Belize Amateur Golf Association (BAGA) website:

The 4th Annual Corkers World Cup was a great success, with the Belizean Americas Team facing the Belizean International team for the 4th time in our unique 27-Hole Ryder Cup Format.

A big thank you to Geoff and Sam from Corkers who sponsored the tournament, and we are delighted to say that $1,238.00 was raised for “Children of Hope Foundation.”
The Belizean Internationals (In) were determined to bring victory for the first time in 4 years, whilst the Belizean Americas (Am) team was looking to extend their unbeaten run to an unprecedented 4th year.

The Results were:

2 Man Scramble – Tony Zabaneh/Korrie Williams beat Paul Martin/Boris Vostry (1 pt Am); Alan Graham/Fumiharu Kazurayama beat Rick Gonzalez/Ryan Garbutt (1 pt In); Peter Allen/Alan Gobie beat George Paoletti/Steve Maestre (1 pt In); Sam Mathias/John Wongsam beat Lorenzo Forbes/Deacon Cal (1 pt In); Ray Garbutt, Sr./John Sansone beat Steve Hack/Geoff Hatto Hembling (1 pt Am); Ken Dupree/Lloyd Gillett beat Chico Towers/Josef Vostry/Mike Nilson (1 pt Am).

Score – Americas 3 Points, Internationals 3 Points.

Pairs – Alan Graham/Geoff Hatto Hembling beat Rick Gonzalez/Ryan Garbutt (1 pt In); George Paoletti/Steve Maestre beat Peter Allen/Fumiharu Kazrayama (1 pt Am); Lorenzo Forbes/Deacon Cal tied Sam Mathias/Chico Towers (Tied); John Sansone/Ray Garbutt, Sr. beat Boris Vostry/Josef Vostry (1 pt Am); Lloyd Gillett/Ken Dupree beat Steve Hack/John Wongsam (1 pt Am); Tony Zabaneh/Korrie Williams tied Paul Martin/Alan Gobie (Tied).

Score – Americas 6 1/2 Points, Internationals 4 1/2 Points.

Singles – Steve Maestre beat Alan Graham (1 pt Am); Ken Dupree beat Josef Vostry (1 pt Am); Fumiharu Kazrayama beat Rick Gonzalez (1 pt In); Paul Martin beat Lloyd Gillett (1 pt In); John Sansone beat Geoff Hatto Hembling (1 pt Am); Korrie Williams tied Steve Hack (tied); Ryan Garbutt beat Sam Mathias (1 pt Am); Mikey Nilson beat Peter Allen (1 pt Am); Lorenzo Forbes beat Boris Vostry (1 pt Am); Deaon Cal beat Alan Gobie (1 pt Am); George Paoletti beat Chico Towers (1 pt Am); Tony Zabaneh beat John Wongsam (1 pt Am).

Score – Americas 16 Points, Internationals 7 Points.

In the biggest landslide victory yet, we congratulate the Belizean Americas team for the 4th straight year.
Well done to all the players that participated. See you at the next tournament.

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