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SSBA Basketball Tournament moves into second half of season

SAN IGNACIO, CAYO, Mon. Oct. 17, 2016–The basketball tournament that is presently being hosted by the San Ignacio & Santa Elena Basketball Association (SSBA) has reached it midway point, as 9 games were played this past weekend at the Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio Town.

On Friday night, the girls of Belmopan Shock finally got the upper hand on the defending champs, Western Queens, defeating them for the first time in two seasons, 39-35. Belmopan Shock was led by Kaylani Reid and Enid Dakers who netted 11 and 8 points, respectively. Western Queens’ top scorers were Jesika Prom with 16 pts and Shirley Codd with 10 pts. In game 2, Tuff Enuff defeated Sergeant Peppers Savages, 53-43, in the Under 23 division. Douglas Valley was the top scorer for the game with 25 pts, including 6 three-pointers, while Brian White chipped in with 9 pts. Kyron “Tut” Molina scored 20 pts for Sergeant Peppers Savages, including 5 three-pointers, while Elvert Ariola netted 9 pts. In the nightcap, Tuff Enuff Senior team upended Snipers, 72-57, to remain undefeated. The top scorer for Tuff Enuff was Raul “Thumpy” Roches with 22 pts, while Kurt “Chengo” Burgess and Lester Cadle tallied 17 and 13 pts, respectively. Shannon Guzman was the top scorer for Snipers with 20 pts, including 5 three pointers, while Elroy “Shabba” Willis scored 19 pts.

On Saturday night, game 1 on Court A witnessed Belmopan defeating Kings, 42-37, in the Under 19 division. Belmopan was led by Gabriel Hyde, who scored 10 pts, and Aaron Allison, who chipped in with 9 pts. Kareem Cardinez was the high man for Kings with 10 pts, while Shevan Harris netted 8 pts. In game 2, Belmopan, Over 35 team defeated the Cayo squad, 61-52. Roscoe Rhys had the game high with 22 pts, while Byron “Shackles” Flowers netted 16 pts for Belmopan, and Mark “Deisel” Wagner tallied 13 pts, while Rupert Brown scored 10. Cayo was led by Roberto “Mosho” Castellanos with 17 pts and Elvis “Tigre” Usher with 10 pts. In the third game, Police Stars got the best of Belmopan Print Belize, 58-40 in the Senior Division. Police Stars was led by Andre Almendarez, who scored 14 pts, while Sheldon Williams and Linton Broaster netted 10 and 9 pts, respectively. Michael Martinez was the top scorer for Belmopan Print Belize with 13 pts, while Stephen “Muerte” Williams sank 11 pts, and Elton Anderson scored 10 pts.

On court B, Belmopan Shock registered their second win of the weekend, defeating Lady Warriors, 42-31, in the Female division. Enid Dakers of Belmopan Shock had the game high with 24 pts, while Glenda Torres netted 13 pts for Lady Warriors. In game 2, McRoe Lions narrowly edged Belmopan, 58-53 in the Under 23 category. McRoe Lions was led by Francis Arana, who scored 16 pts, Kevin Hamilton with 13 pts, and Luis Barcelona with 11 pts. Jevaughn McKenzie was the top scorer for Belmopan with 27 pts, while Akeem Watters netted 13 pts. In the nightcap, Sacred Heart Junior College (SHJC) defeated Benque Riders for the second time in as many outings, 82-65 in the Senior Division. Jamie Carbajal of Sacred Heart Junior College had the game high with 35 pts, which is also the season high for all divisions. Jarrett Davis netted 20 pts, and Elvert Ariola sank 13 pts for the boys from SHJC. Benque Riders was led by Brandon Flowers with 22 pts, while Rupert Brown sank 14 pts, and Roberto “Mosho” Castellanos scored 13 pts.

Upcoming Games:
Friday, October 21
6:30 p.m. – (Female) Western Queens vs Belmopan Shock
7:30 p.m. – (Over 35) Belmopan vs Maria Chang/4G Lyte
8:30 p.m. – (Seniors) Belmopan Wolves vs Maraton Mambas
Saturday, October 22
6:30 p.m. – (Court A, Female) Lady Warriors vs Western Queens
6:30 p.m. – (Court B, U19) Belmopan vs Kings
7:30 p.m. – (Court A, U23) Benque Power vs Sergeant Peppers
7:30 p.m. – (Court B, Over 35) Invaders vs Special Effects
8:30 p.m. – (Court A, Seniors) Police Stars vs Snipers
8:30 p.m. – (Court B, Seniors) SHJC vs City Boys

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