Letters — 25 January 2013 — by PROF. GIORGIO CONFORTI

Dear Editor,

I am an Italian teacher and a keen collector of fully addressed stamped envelopes posted and travelled from all over the world.

We usually dispose of the envelope after reading our letters or we throw postcards and view-cards away: I keep them and have been collecting them since I was a boy. In case you or your offices still receive mail from both your country or abroad, may I ask you to keep the envelopes and send them to my address above?

I understand that electronic mail is cancelling the traditional post delivered home by the postman, but if that service sill works in your place, I am pretty sure you can save some envelopes for my collection!

Grateful for your help, I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

My best regards, Giorgio

Viale 4 Novembre 135
50053 EMPOLI Florence ITALY

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