Letters — 01 February 2013 — by David Nunez

Wed. Jan 30, 2013
Dear Sir,

The British left us 32 years ago. That’s the age of a grown man and more. How in goodness name can we continue blaming the British? I think you do this because of the black/white mentality.

Sir, the Guatemalan issue could have been solved had we not chosen our own destiny. History does not support what you say. The claim is an ancient claim being made by a country warped in its understanding. That is not the British problem. It is the Guatemalan problem. We are independent and we must settle the matter.

If it was a British problem, why did we take independence? Why did we not make it a condition before? Sir, respectfully what you continue to postulate does not make sense and you owe the readers a right to clarify.

David Nunez

(Ed. NOTE: As we understand it, the PUP leaders moved on to independence because the British wanted Belize to cede land to Guatemala in order to settle the claim. Belizeans were overwhelmingly rejecting land cession. Belizeans worked for centuries to enrich Great Britain, and our ancestors fought in Britain’s twentieth century wars. It was because of the white/black mentality that our ancestors were kidnapped and enslaved. Perfidious Albion!)

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