Letters — 18 January 2013 — by Hilario Cus

Dear Editor,

I write in reaction to the burning of rosewood by the Minister of Forestry last Friday in Golden Stream.

I find it very sad that a Minister will stoop so low and destroy our natural resources. She has no conscience or respect for the poor of Toledo. The rosewood is not for her or the government; it is for all of us. It could be used by our crafts and furniture makers and for posts for houses.

Also, the government says that it does not have money to fix our roads and schools, yet they destroy a precious wood that could make money to help the poor.

I know that the alcaldes and villagers from Poite, Dolores and other border communities are selling rosewood and other hard woods to Guatemalans every day, but nothing is done by the Forestry Department to stop them, but they stop it in other villages. Why this injustice and double standard? Are they better than other people?

I am also disappointed with the NGOs and the TAA Chairman for praising the Minister for this stupid action. The NGOs get money to keep us poor. That’s why they do not want development in Toledo.
Look at the issue of oil and our other resources, and you will understand.

Forestry told me that Yaxche was doing a study of rosewood. When will they inform the people about the study? We want to know who paid for it – the Minister or the NGO?

We, the poor of Toledo, are tired of the abuse and arrogance of the Minister and NGOs.

I call on the Prime Minister to take action to stop this abuse. The government must also stop corruption.

Remember that we poor people have a vote and deserve respect.

Hilario Cus
San Miguel Village
Toledo District
January 15, 2013

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