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Home Letters Surrender to LGBT – what will it cost us?

Surrender to LGBT – what will it cost us?

Editor Sir,

I refer to your page 1 article of 23rd November – “U.S. Ambassadors …”

I have already shown in previously published articles that the Gender Policy and the Belize Constitution cannot be reconciled. Let us again go through this matter. Look at the Preamble of our Constitution wherein is clearly expressed the foundational principles of our society.

Article (a) affirms “that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God….”

How, then, shall we accept a vision of life which, in effect, is requiring that the individual and his choice is supreme in all matters, public and private? In other words, to accept the gender policy would require that in fact we affirm the supremacy, not of God, but of the Ego. Will this not be a declaration that we have become a god-less society?

Of course, if the Ego becomes supreme in all considerations, then the concept of inherent rights becomes questionable. Furthermore, to avoid a riot of conflicting individual choices would require the establishment of a most powerful absolute dictatorship to decide what rights are and who has them.

What, then, would human dignity mean? Just empty words, or a concession only to the richest and most powerful?

After conceding to the individual the supremacy of choice, both actually and intellectually, what would become of the concept of justice, which is the most important concept that must be supported to promote the survival of society? Article (b) of the Preamble enshrines the concepts of Social Justice and of the Common Good, would these words not become mere useless verbiage?

The ultimate authority of government is “the will of the people” proclaimed in article (c). Would we not regress to the rule of “might makes right”?

Alas, what would happen to the “moral and spiritual” values declared in article (d)? If individual choice becomes the bedrock to control the lower appetites of humans, what, or who could contain choices to kill, rape, steal, lie … etc? Would worldwide chaos not ensue? How could a campaign against ISIS for persecuting religious people be morally justified?

Way back in time, 2500 years ago the Greek philosopher Aristotle expounded a basic jurisprudential principle that law cannot be private but be meant to regulate the whole society. It is surprising that H.E. the Ambassador seems to have forgotten this. On the other hand, it is obvious that the Gender Policy would establish law(s) for an elite group. Belize should not, cannot accept this.

Months ago a local clergyman in support of the Gender Policy made the remark “sin da sin” to express tolerance for homosexuality. However, there is an infinite gulf between a natural act and an unnatural one. The homosexual act is in itself, of itself, an evil. It is intrinsically evil! In other words, adultery is the natural coupling of a man and a woman, immoral because one of them, or both, is married to someone else.

Finally, Sir, it seems that the U.S. is bullying us during a time that they should try to make new friends instead of alienating old ones.

(Signed) Paul Rodriguez

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