Headline — 23 December 2017
Suspected killer escaped from police

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Thurs. Dec. 21, 2017-George Bull, 29, of Orange Walk Town, who is suspected of being the gunman responsible for the shooting death of Jaime “James” Pelayo, Jr., 35, also of Orange Walk Town, escaped from police custody yesterday. Pelayo was shot while talking to two women in front of a bar in Orange Walk Town when a man approached and fired shots in their direction. The two women were grazed, but James was hit in the chest. After shooting at the trio the gunman escaped.

An investigation led police to George Bull, and he was detained pending further investigation.

During a police press brief held this morning at the Racoon Street Police Station, ACP Joseph Myvette said that Bull was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and, after the completion of an identification parade, he was also to be charged for the death of Pelayo. But when he was being taken back to his cell, he bolted and ran away. Police who were escorting him, ran after him, but despite their best efforts they could not catch up.

Myvette said that the policemen who escorted Bull will face disciplinary charges, and an internal investigation into his escape has begun. The officers will be taken before a police tribunal and could be dishonorably discharged if the tribunal determines that they deserve to be expelled from the department.

Police have released a wanted poster of Bull to the public. Also, an all-points bulletin has been sent to all formations and to all police stations, to notify officers to be on the lookout for Bull, and to arrest him on sight.

-police blotter-

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