: ' Audrey Matura-Shepherd'


So the mid-week holiday saw more rain than we have had in the rainy season, which was more like a dry season … it rained countrywide and no one was spared.  While the rain is always [...]

Sexual abuse of our children

I believe any person in their right sense is disturbed by these news of little children being sexually abused in Belize. Anyone sexually assaulted, be it male or female, and even adult is rather very disturbing [...]

Right to the Point: A NATIONAL DISGRACE

I have had time to reflect on the series of cases in my beloved Belize that are a national disgrace, and in my book there are so many – so disgraceful, yet our government either does [...]

Right to the Point

Belize disrespected – by our own and them! There is an awful revelation that has me concerned for some time and which I hope the average Belizean is not sweeping under the rug. This is the [...]

Right to the Point: I stand in defence

I am forty-five years old and during that short lifetime I have had the privilege of living the experience of a woman 80 years old … I have travelled into the most remote places of Belize [...]

Schism between CWU and CIBC First Caribbean Bank partially resolved

BELIZE CITY–President of the Christian Workers Union (CWU), Audrey Matura-Shepherd, announced to the media Tuesday morning that it had just been agreed in a face-to-face meeting with officials of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank that Uwahnie [...]

Right to the Point: Domestic violence is at heart of social crisis

In recent years many known characters in Belize have done their utmost best to bring to light the issue of domestic violence and to educate the population about the need to curb this social ill. Domestic [...]

Right to the Point: Freedom

Freedom of expression ….freedom of speech… freedom of press…. Ironically our Constitution does not call for the expressed right to the free press …. So the freedom of the press to access information and report or [...]

Right to the Point: The root of our crime…

Our streets are a-wash in blood and the recent slaying of a sports icon, Ernest “Jawmaine” Meighan, just after that of several other Belizean youths is a cruel reminder that no one is immune and none [...]

Right to the Point: CRISIS UPON CRISIS … the lid will blow!

I have tried to make people understand that the street crime that is plaguing us is related to the boardroom crime that is being pushed under the rug…. Therefore if we do not address one, we [...]