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Teenager, 19, clings to life at KHMH

A teenager is clinging onto life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH)’s Intensive Care Unit after he crashed while travelling on a motorcycle in Sandhill. Javier Moody, 19, a resident of Gardenia, suffered massive internal injuries, including damage to his liver and kidneys. His condition has been declared as critical, but stable.

The incident occurred about 2:00 Sunday afternoon on a curve in Sandhill, between Miles 16 and 17 on the Philip Goldson Highway.

Reports are that Moody and his girlfriend, Valarie Garel, were travelling on a motorcycle to Sandhill from Ladyville when he lost control of the motorcycle, ran off the road and slammed into a tree.

Moody and Garel were thrown off the motorcycle. As a result, Garel suffered a broken jaw and a broken leg, while Moody’s hands were broken and he suffered internal injuries, which led to the collapse of his kidney and liver. Garel is recovering in a stable condition in the KHMH, but Moody is fighting for his life at the ICU.

Garel told police that Moody was overtaking a vehicle which sped up when the driver saw the motorbike overtaking the vehicle. Unfortunately, another vehicle was approaching from the opposite direction, and Moody slowed the motorcycle to fall back behind the vehicle he was overtaking.

Garel said that she did not know what happened afterwards, but they crashed.

People in the area who saw what happened ran to the scene where they saw Garel on the pavement bleeding, her leg broken and her mouth swollen. The motorcycle was way off in the bushes, and Moody was jammed in a tree. Rescuers retrieved him and Garel and put them to lie down on the roadside, and an ambulance was called.

Moody’s father, Leslie Moody, said that he was in Maypen when he received a call informing him that his son had been involved in a road traffic accident. He said that he immediately travelled to the KHMH to see his son. On his arrival, the doctors were conducting a second operation on Javier. He was then told of the internal injuries that Javier had sustained, including damage to his liver and kidney.

We understand that Moody is connected to a machine, which is performing some of his vital functions for him.

His father said that he and his family are praying for him, and are asking God to help him pull through the terrible ordeal.

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