Crime — 04 July 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

The tenant then locked him in his room for 3 days

William Hubert, 70, an American businessman of Wahoo Street, in San Pedro Town, is recovering after one of his tenants held him down on the floor and reportedly poured Clorox into his eyes on Saturday, June 28.

The tenant allegedly then locked him up in his room for three days, from that Saturday, June 28, to Tuesday, July 1.

Hubert was in his place of business when one of his tenants who has been living in his apartment complex for about 6 months, came up into his room and attacked him at about 12:30 that Saturday afternoon.

Police said that Hubert was rescued by another tenant who came to his house at about 8:30 Tuesday morning, to bring him groceries. The tenant took Hubert to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where doctors, after examining and treating him, declared the injuries as wounding, after which he was taken to the San Pedro Police, where he made a formal report.

Police are looking for the tenant.

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