Letters — 05 February 2013 — by Thomas Charlesworth

Dear Editor,

I write today to voice a problem that a lot of drivers are encountering. There is a certain class of drivers that needs to be revised.

No sir, that was not a typing error! I am talking about the taxi and bus drivers. The class “C” on our driver’s license refers to the taxi and bus, and there is a test that is taken to get that license. If one was to check belizecitycouncil.org, you would see what I am talking about.

Article 14 of that sheet states that a driver of a public service vehicle shall get 10 hours of rest in a 24-hour period, and article 23 of that same public service study sheet states that a driver may not pick up passengers at any place.

Now the study sheet needs to be amended, because most, if not all taxi and bus drivers, stop any place they are hailed, and I mean any place. I have seen them stop in the middle of the road, on the corner of a busy intersection – just about any place they are hailed.

They endanger people with this behavior. The taxi and bus drivers are always in a hurry; they don’t follow the road laws and regulations. The Traffic Department should implement a point system along with their ticket system, where a driver who breaks the traffic law loses his or her license and has to start all over.

They can also make the ticket charge a lot stiffer. If the Council is trying to make money, then here is a means to bring in necessary income to the Council. Something has to happen

Thomas Charlesworth

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