Sports — 08 August 2014 — by Peter Young
Thank you

BELIZE CITY—The regular season and playoffs in the Harrison Parks National Cricket Competition 2014 have ended. There will be other games, maybe 20/20 or female competition, but cannot say when that could or will be played. But this week, I’m taking the time to say thanks to all of you who have enjoyed reading my articles and have made positive comments. Those have made me feel very pleased and made me improve in what I did. I thank Amandala for allowing me space every Friday for my articles. The sports editor had encouraged me all the time. For this I say thanks, sir.

I hope I’m not over stating things, but I’m of the opinion that more Amandala have been sold these few months since I started, and the reading cricket fans had knowledge of it. I went to my brother’s wedding in Esperanza and I went to give some words of encouragement to the couple. After the ceremony and people started associating around, a lady came up to me and asked if I am the person writing about cricket in the Amandala. I said yes. She said she is a fan of cricket, and when she looked one day, she saw something about cricket. Now she looks forward every week for an update, as she knows people and is acquainted with some teams in the River Valley. She praised the effort I took in providing information to fans.



Everywhere I go I could hear people telling others, “See Peter deh. DAT DA man di du good.” Hearing those remarks, I felt proud of myself, in that I am doing something that someone could have been doing a long while. You see, some people may not have time to go see a game for whatever reason; and these articles, the way I try to write them, when one reads it, the way they feel is like they are at the front line. I try to put the game at wherever they are reading the Amandala.

All who saw and appreciated my input, again I say, thank you very much. Their names I would have liked to mention, who had offered words of support, but there are a lot, and I don’t want to forget any name. It might appear biased, so my thanks is across the board.

My thanks also goes to the few who had criticized me for doing what I’ve done with pride. You have given me strength to continue. Mr. John Gillett, Sr. told me, when water drops on a duck, it runs off. So, when you all are negative, it just rolls off. Then I get to know who is with and who is against. Thank you too. I want to invite you to continue reading the Amandala, for I will continue to write more articles, not cricket, but some things of interest that will be informative and educational. Those might not be in the sport section, but you will be informed.

The pictures (above) were taken at Sandhill at a game played between Bright Star and Easy Does It. I have never seen so many men in red shirt; and it was not a political rally, but a cricket game. Here you have Carlos Jimenez, Cliff Banner, Felix Sutherland and yours truly. By himself was Michael Muslar.

To end, here is the week’s joke. Some men camping out at Hill Bank, working. Jack said to his friends, “I’m inviting you all to my baby christening this Sunday.” Peter asked, “Boy, your wife have baby already?” Reply, “Yes, man; I’m not joking.” Peter asked him how long they were married. He said, “Four and a half months. Why?” Peter said, “A woman takes nine months to give birth. So there must have been another man before you.” Jack said he will check it out when he gets home.

Wife to Jack – “Hello, my love.” Jack – “No ‘love’ me. You were having an affair with someone before I met you, because a woman takes nine months to give birth. I only with you four and a half months, and you already have one.”

Wife to Jack – “How much months you married to me? Four and a half. Then how much months I married to you?” Jack said, “Four and a half.” “OK,” said wife; “add them together, you get nine. Don’t let your friends get between us.”

God bless every one of you. Please try and do good to your fellow men. We must love one another. BYE.

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