Letters — 05 October 2016
Maybe if “the elites” went on a diet of Ramen Noodles …

Dear Editor,

Although it likes to call itself “The Jewel,” to be completely candid (tourism might suffer a bit) I propose we re-brand the country to be “The Empire of Debt and Illusions.”

Elections in Belize are always the same, with the parties (Let’s Party!) taking turns at the money trough. Red? Blue? Neither party has shown an interest in anything but GREEN— the color of their pocket-linings… the color of U.S. dollars.

Jeez! What’s a poor boy to do? Well, for one, I’d put the Bibles aside for a little while and focus my attention on more secular matters, such as the rampant graft pauperizing the country and the total UNACCEPTABILITY of political power without ACCOUNTABILITY. You’re wrong if you think you cannot contribute towards the meaningful changes necessary for a better life in Belize.

Every time you speak of these things with your friends and family, you are in fact “testifying” and adding your energy to the “universal consciousness” which historically has always been the agent of change.

A country is the people and the employers of the government, not the other way around. Maybe if “the elites” went on a diet of Ramen Noodles for a while, their vision would improve.

People can make a difference. Put down your iPhone (this is not the time to keep tabs on empty idols) and embrace your brothers and sisters.

Russell Czarnecki

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