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Thomas Staine, 40, taxi driver, stabbed to death

LatestThomas Staine, 40, taxi driver, stabbed to death

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Aug. 7, 2017–The family of Thomas Staine, 40, a taxi driver of Reggae Street, is devastated after his body was found in a drain at the corner of Racecourse Street and West Collet Canal at about 6:00 this morning by police, who had been looking for him after his taxi was found abandoned on King Street with blood stains on the back seat.

Sonny Staine, Thomas’ brother, told us that the two men were operating their taxi service from the Princess Taxi Stand on Newtown Barracks last night, when he, Sonny, got a job. When he returned, Thomas was not at the stand.

He said that after waiting a reasonable time for him to return, and he did not, he became worried and began to drive around the city to find him.

Sonny found Thomas’ car parked on King Street, with no one in it. He stopped and checked the car, and saw blood on the back seat. He immediately went to the police and made a report, and they began the search for Thomas.

At about six o’clock this morning, they received a call which led them to West Collet Canal in the Yarborough area, where they found Thomas’ body. His hands had been tied behind his back and he had been stabbed multiple times.

Sonny said that he has no idea why his brother, a focused, responsible taxi driver who dedicated himself to his family, was killed. He said that Thomas, who is survived by his son, his mother, his brother (Sonny), and his sister, was not a troublemaker and was not involved in gang activity or violence.

Police say the motive for the murder of Thomas Staine is not yet known. They believe that he was not killed at the location where his body and his car were found.

A resident of Reggae Street told us that there is an ongoing rivalry between the Reggae Street and George Street gangs, and that Thomas was murdered to “send a message.”

However, Sonny does not believe that this was the case, because, he insists, his brother was in no way affiliated with any gang.

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