Features — 09 September 2017 — by Russell Czarnecki
“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” (Buddha)

Here’s a statement that’s not even controversial any more, but needs to be said: From top to bottom the GOB oligarchy is little more than a criminal enterprise. Period. The expression “thick as thieves”, meaning “partners in crime”, seems particularly appropriate when describing the Dishonorable’s who haunt the halls in Belmopan, and who are recognizable by their lack of a moral or ethical compass. If you believed that the Government was honest and fair-minded you’d be the only one!

What I find bedeviling is why Belizeans are not more outraged over the criminal behavior emanating from every opaque and corrupt Ministry. “What it is, is what it is” (there’s a credible assurance that nothing will be done) indeed Mr. Barrow, and that would be a country without a leader who believes in Truth and Justice, Truth and Accountability, who is blind to Lies and Obfuscation; a morally bankrupt country. If there is no justice then the meaning of life is lost, and in order to get justice, you need to have truth.

In reference to the above thoughts, I’ve noticed the “untouchable” churches of Belize have had little or nothing to say. What does that say to you? If you appreciate irony you might also appreciate how when a man is called to the cloth he is sometimes “called to the Ministry.” Oh well, ignorance is the church’s greatest weapon and the last time I looked no one is hiring people who know Bible stories and little else. Will Rogers, America’s cowboy poet and humorous philosopher, once said, to paraphrase, “Never trust a preacher who owns more than one suit.” Just saying…

Since the disconnect between GOB and the people of Belize has reached terminal velocity, I would like to pose a question. When will you make a MORAL stand? When will you develop an aggressive interest in what goes on in Government? Would you like to see a culture of corruption replaced by a culture of legality? How are you better off today than you were before Independence? Better yet, ask the people of Dangriga, Seine Bight and many another place, how much their lives have improved; they were living in crap houses then, just like they are now and for the same reasons — no money. So what’s up?

Look, maybe I’m wrong, but I know that if you don’t fight you’ll get exactly what you deserve — more of the same. Furthermore, it’s just not compelling to argue, as I’ve heard many Belizeans do, that it costs big money to run an election. Bullshit. In the U.S. yes, but  not in a country with as small a population as Belize. What is needed is something money can’t buy; you’re not trying to buy votes, after all. What’s needed is a person with some charisma who understands that without the voters’ bodies, and without their minds, government would be nothing. Someone who belongs neither to the PUP or the UDP. Someone who is as fed-up with the degradation of the human spirit as those who would vote for him/her. This newspaper can’t do ALL the heavy lifting! Talk to your neighbors…contribute to the universal consciousness, and envision a future for your children.

PPB…People’s Party of Belize! Thanks.

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