Letters — 08 August 2018
Ticketed for “right on red with caution …”

Dear Editor,

A couple weeks ago, through this medium, we queried Transport Department about ticketing drivers of ten wheeler trucks which are technically six wheelers. No answer till now. Is there a Public Relations Officer in that area?

Now another problem, but methinks this one is for the City Traffic Office. One of our drivers was coming east on Vernon Street, and after making sure it was safe, made a right turn onto Central American Boulevard even though the light was red.

Up comes a traffic officer and informs him that he will be ticketed for this.

“Sir, nearly all over the hemisphere, it is legal to make a right on red with caution, unless the junction specifically informs you not to do it,” stated the driver.

“Not in Belize,” was the reply while serving the ticket.

We advised the driver to go to the office and speak to a superior for something which is unjust.

At the office, he was “ordered” to better pay the ticket, or he would have to go to court and pay double the fine, plus cost of court, while wasting lots of time if he gets adjourned when he should be working.

The driver paid and walked out.

These are the little injustices which rankle citizens. Knowing you are right, but being blown down by the “powers that be.”

Even the littlest one, without common knowledge, can belittle you.

It is what it is?

Romel Cuello

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