Sports — 09 April 2016
TIDE Fresh Water Cup 2016 in primary schools

PUNTA GORDA, Tues. Apr. 5, 2016–Please be informed that the TIDE Freshwater Cup is introducing its games this season by preliminary games called “PLAY FOR FUN,” between participating FWC schools.

The Play for Fun games are divided into 3 clusters:

Cluster One: Plays at Bella Vista School field tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6.  Teams participating are Bladen, Trio, and Bella Vista primary schools.

Cluster Two: Plays at Cattle Landing field on Wednesday, April 13. Teams participating are PG Methodist, St. Peter Claver, St. Benedict, Seventh Day Adventist, Little Flower, and Forest Home Methodist schools.

Cluster Three: Plays at a venue yet to be finalized. Games on Friday, April 15. Teams participating are San Marcos, San Pedro Columbia, San Miguel, Silver Creek, Big Falls, Indian Creek and Golden Stream primary schools.

NOTE: Freshwater Cup games with the high schools in the TIDE Project Region, also coming up soon!

Introduction Game (Play for FUN/friendly game)

Cluster one: (Wednesday April 6, @ Bella Vista Field).

Today, 6 teams participated in friendly football games as part of opening the TIDE Fresh Water Cup season 2016. Teams were from Bladen, Trio and Bella Vista schools. Each school fielded a male and a female team.

The games were played in single elimination, and (both finals) went to penalties.

The Boys finals ended in a penalty shootout, with Trio Boys prevailing, 3-2, over Bladen Boys. 1st place was Trio Boys, 2nd place Bladen, and 3rd was Bella Vista.

The Girls final also went to penalties, with Bella Vista emerging 2-1 winners over Bladen. 1st place went to Bella Vista Girls, 2nd was Bladen, and 3rd Trio

There are two more cluster friendly games organized for next week. The FWC regular games will commence on April 20.

NOTE: For more info, contact Norman Budna, (661-0924), Environmental Outreach Coordinator (TIDE).

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