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The Tigersharks tear apart the Bandits!!!

SportsThe Tigersharks tear apart the Bandits!!!

Last Saturday night at the UB Gym, the Belmopan Point Bandits (2-3) succumbed to the ferocity unleashed by the San Pedro Tigersharks (4-1).

From the get-go, the home fans had a foreshadowing of the unforgettable night the Tigersharks had in store for the Bandits. In the first quarter, the Tigersharks pounded the Bandits so hard with points that the Bandits were unable to recover. Ashton Edwards was on fire, particularly in the first quarter, where he alone scored five three-pointers to give San Pedro a lead of 29-13.

The second quarter was slower, when compared to the first, but points still kept coming. Jamal Kelly hit two three-pointers, contributing more than half of the eleven points gained by San Pedro and maintaining the lead, 40-22.

In the second half, the fans saw both teams exchanging “blows.” Left, right and center penetrations made the game very exciting. Fans from rival teams cheered on their champions’ magnificent plays. Nevertheless, the first-quarter damage inflicted by the Tigersharks had already taken its toll. The Bandits suffered their first home loss at the hands of the Tigersharks by 84-59.

When asked what happened to his team, Coach Brads Neal responded, “Well, we lost to the Tigersharks; the Tigersharks!!!”

It is only fair at this point to give kudos to the Bandits fans, who not only kept up their good cheer to the end of the game, but also took the loss by their team all in good stride.

The Tigersharks stand as a formidable team, undoubtedly a playoff team and a top contender for this year’s NEBL tournament championship. All their positions seem to be well played, except the center post. All eyes are on Michael Adams, a 6’11’’ player who, as a foreigner in the league, is expected to step in and put in numbers for the team. In other teams, the “foreign” players have each displayed some special talent that has reflected in the league’s stat leaders. So far, Adams has not showcased any particular skill, so spectators are waiting to see if there is some hidden talent that the team is saving up for a special occasion or the playoffs.

After this night, Belmopan is a team that is in desperate need of oxygen. Fans will be holding onto their seats, as their team prepares to visit Belize City and enter the arena against No Limits at Bird’s Isle, and then receive the Cayo Western Ballaz at home.

The Tigersharks were led by Ashton Edwards with 23 pts 5 rebs, Winston Pratt 21 pts 8 rebs 4 assists, Louis Pitterson 8 pts 7 rebs 1 blk, and Darwin “Puppy” Leslie 8 pts. In a losing effort for the Bandits, Adam Carswell had 12 pts 6 rebs, Jamal Harris 12 pts, and Kyle Pascascio 11 pts 7 rebs.

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