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Where to, Billy Boy?

SportsWhere to, Billy Boy?

BDFA Chairman William Moguel named as contact person for Belize Super League

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 25, 2018– Belize is a strange place indeed, and football shenanigans is as good an example as any.

Now, we are all familiar with the decades-plus long struggle to liberate our football from the dictatorial yoke of past president, Dr. Bertie Chimilio. Symptomatic of that struggle was the formation of a breakaway group called the Super League of Belize, which featured some teams comparable in ability to those of the FFB’s top level league, the then BPFL (Belize Professional Football League). There were a number of flaws in the management of the Super League, not least of which was its penchant for a gross lack of punctuality in the start of its games, which often started much later than advertised. But we all endured; it was part of the battle to remove the tyrant.

Well, Bertie was finally removed; that’s a long story in itself, but what is important is that the Super League principals effectively took charge of the FFB, in the persons of Ruperto Vicente, former Super League chairman; and Michael Blease, former secretary/manager/owner of the Super League. FFB President Vicente and his General Secretary, Michael Blease promptly lost favor in the football family, when it became apparent that they were up to some similar tactics, especially where elections were concerned, as did their predecessors. So they were booted out.

After a contentious year, which, ironically saw perhaps the greatest administrative strides in the FFB, under the acting-leadership of its elected Vice-President, Marlon Kuylen, the football family finally seems to have found a place of unity, where an overwhelming majority gave their support to the new president, Sergio Chuc. Chuc has embraced the unity approach and promised great things for football in this new era of unity and accountability, the groundwork having been effectively laid by an acting president and interim-general secretary, whose energies and efforts were not distracted by electioneering initiatives, but focused on devising the strategic plan for the next ten years of Belize football.

It is true, we would like to see some prompt action in bringing these plans to fruition, and we would welcome some agitation in getting more communication out of the FFB on that score.

But now, it seems that Mr. Blease and company are getting ideas again about another Super League journey. I don’t know if I am eager to take that trip right now.

Moreover, we have lamented from this corner over the past year about our disappointment with the executive of the Belize District Football Association (BDFA), whose chairman, William “Billy” Moguel has offered a lame excuse each time we challenge the BDFA to initiate youth competitions for U-15, U-17, U-20, and Open 1st Division football. His excuse is that, there are no sponsors for the tournaments; and the players only want to play for money; etc. etc.

At this sports desk, our feeling is that, if you can’t handle the task, then step down.

The Smart 13 & Under tournament has been filling a big void over the past several years, where the BDFA has been absent. And last year, the BDFA began endorsing the CYDP (1st Division) Peace Cup tournament as being their own. Still, no BDFA U-15, or U-17, or U-20.  But, yes, every year the BDFA showcases its Interoffice Football competition.

It is under these circumstances of demonstrated ineffectiveness that, lo and behold, the new edition of the Super League is engaging the services of the BDFA chairman, Billy Moguel, as its contact person for teams wishing to join forces under the Super League banner. (See press release, “Invitation to participate in Belize Super League,” on the left of this page.)

As we understand it, “association football” has some differences from “league” football, where that league is privately owned. It appears to us that Mr. Moguel, a long-time buddy of Mr. Blease, may soon have to decide where he belongs, with the BDFA or with the Belize Super League.

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