Letters — 31 May 2013 — by Thomas Handfield

I am aware that a proposal exists for NCL to establish a port in Southern Belize.

I would like to let you now that I have travelled to Belize for 3 winters in a row now and I dive and hike and stay in Southern Belize. The reason I love Belize is because of the nature and wildlife, the magnificent coral reef where I go diving and the fantastic, friendly people many who are now my close friends. I have also introduced many friends to Belize who are planning return trips to your remarkable country.

It is my opnion that the proposal by NCL would be severely detrimental to the people of Belize and the ecosystems which they nurture and are enjoyed by people like myself from around the world.

I have been on a cruise and I will never go again. The tourists are isolated from the local populations and are misled by the cruise lines about the truths of what their company does to the ecoystems and countries where they operate.

Please reject the NCL proposal and let the world know Belize is for nature lovers, and for people who appreciate each other and the places they visit.

Thank You,
Thomas Handfield
Fort McMurray, AB

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