Letters — 30 July 2013 — by William W. Schmidt

Dear Sir,

In your editorial of July 28 “Recolonialism,” you state Belizeans are living in a world of make believe. Belizeans have lost control of their destiny. The will of the people is disrespected repeatedly. I am submitting an article which demonstrates what you are saying.

The Toledo Association of Village Councils upon the request of their members provided a strong letter of support for the tried and proven Toledo Eco Tourism Association (TEA) Village Guesthouse Eco Trail Program, providing why they believe the GOB Min. of T and C and the BTB, the NGO‘s working in Toledo and the private businesses should support the Toledo People‘s Eco Park Plan for the development of profitable community-based eco tourism and other businesses in the villages.

The BTIA is the only significant NGO in Toledo who did not sign in support of the poor people‘s plan. The BTIA runs the show in Toledo; the majority of the members are foreign born. The TEA has been given a series of 6 shows on “Developing Toledo” TV show after PG TV news. We have had 4 shows already. This week Thursday night 6:30 on Channel 22 Ms.Leila Vernon, our Queen of Brukdown music, will be raising hell about this unfair discrimination.


William W. Schmidt
TEL- 702-2119

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