Crime — 01 April 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

Placencia police are investigating an allegation that a tourist couple was held up by two men and the woman raped while they were walking on the beach in Placencia, at about 11:30 Friday night.

Initial reports were that a Canadian couple who were visiting Placencia were strolling on the seaside when two men approached and held them up at gunpoint. The man was allegedly beaten and held captive at gunpoint, while the men took turns to rape the woman, who each put a knife at her throat.

The male victim told police that at gunpoint, he was taken to the bank to withdraw money from the ATM by one of the thieves, while his wife was held hostage at knifepoint by the other bandit.

The man reported that after obtaining money from the bank, he was forced to take the thieves to their room, where the thieves stole their belongings, and then they escaped.

Police told Amandala, however, that there is a problem: the evidence is proving that the rape and robbery did not occur, and in fact, the report may have been concocted.

Inspector Mark Flowers, Commander of the Peninsula police, said that they do not take such reports lightly, because they want visitors to feel safe while visiting Placencia, and they carried out an intense investigation into the report, but none of the information they’ve gathered is pointing towards rape, or the robbery of the tourists.

Commander Flowers said that a village meeting will be held this evening in Placencia to discuss the allegations.

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