Sports — 22 May 2015 — by Peter Young
Well tried, Sonny

BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 20, 2015–The Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2015, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued over the weekend. Six games were played on Saturday, but one had caught my attention, that needs mention in detail.

This game was played in Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District, between Suga Boys of Carmelita and Sunrise of Lords Bank. Suga Boys won the toss, but gave Sunrise the option to bat first. In my days of playing, you only gave up your toss if you have strategy. I asked Sonny Wade, the captain, why he did it. He said the team bowling in the first half on the pitch will have better advantage. OK then, I told him. I’ll see if it works out.

With the excellent bowling of Perandy and Clifford Tillett, wickets started falling in this order for Sunrise. 1 for 40; 2 for 49; 3 for 51; 4 for 70; 5 for 71; 6 for 113; 7 for 134; 8 for 147; 9 for 154; 10 for 154. In that inning, Garreth Joseph scored 47 for Sunrise, while the two aforementioned bowlers took 3 wickets each.

After lunch break, the sweet Boys took to bat. Wickets fell in this order: 1 for 17; 2 for 40; 3 for 100; 4 for 102; 5 for 108; 6 for 108; 7 for 117; 8 for 120; 9 for 127; and 50 overs had been reached. Sunrise was the winner clearly, as they had outplayed the home team by a wide margin in average, when you match runs per over.

It was a splendid game played. Captain Sonny Wade and his son Jamie were spectacular while batting. It was these two that pushed the score from 40 to 100. Sonny top scored with 52; while Gilbert Seguro took 6 wickets for Sunrise. Sunrise gave Seguro a trophy for saving the game.

In a previous article I mentioned that Excellence coming back into the competition would be very interesting. Well, it showed on Saturday, when they beat Western Eagles badly, 168 to 53. That loss made 3 losses for the Eagles. They still have an unfinished game with Excellence, who have lost 4 games. I told you very interesting. Police is waiting to see the result between Excellence and Easy Does It. Police has lost two, and Easy Does It also lost two. Check the stats? Know what it means? If Excellence loses any of the two games, they will be out of the playoffs. However, if they win both games, then they will be tied with Eagles for third. If they lose to Easy Does It, then Easy Does It and Police will be tied for first place at two losses each. Very interesting, I must say.

That’s Zone One. In Zone Two, Wicked 11, a clear leader for first place, have not lost a game yet. They are followed by Sunrise with 3 losses, and Brilliant with 3 1/2 losses.

Police won a close game in St. Paul’s, 100 to 90 all out. That was against Excelsior. The captain of Police, Mr. Howell Gillett, should, and is being commended for a job well done to this point, by forming a very splendid team to enter this year’s competition, and with no doubt is in the playoffs. Congratulations, sir! You and your team have fought a hard fight. Wish you the best in the playoffs.

The following games are scheduled for this weekend:

On Saturday – Brilliant vs Sunrise in Crooked Tree; Uprising vs Wicked 11 in Flowers Bank; Berlan goes to Lords Bank against Medicos; and Suga Boys goes to Boom against Brave Union.

On Sunday – Western Eagles goes to Double Head against Excellence (a continuation game).

On Monday – Excellence hosts Easy Does It of Lemonal in Double Head Cabbage (a back match).

That’s it, folks. Enjoy the long weekend. Be responsible in whatever you do.

(Ed. Note: My dad, veteran cricketer C.B. Hyde told me that his team, Unity, always opted to bat first when they won the toss, because they believed the bowling pitch was smoother at the start of a match, so the bounce of the ball was more predictable and thus favored the batsmen. There may be other circumstances, like the weather or an artificial bowling mat to consider.)

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