General — 20 January 2009
The first meeting of the United Black Association for Development was held at Free Gardiner’s Hall. Copies of the constitution were sold for $.15 and about fifteen or twenty people applied to join the organization, amongst them Assad Shoman.
UBAD had one executive but three different directions. Shabazz and Justice were Muslims; Clarke and Belisle were anti-Latin; I was into a Malcolm X-Stokely Carmichael Third World black power bag.   
For our next meeting we returned to Liberty Hall, a bit of maneuvering having been done by Clarke and Arnold. Clarke was absent from the meeting, so I took the chair as first vice-president and invited Shoman to speak, which he did.
Some people did not dig Shoman because his wife was white.
At this meeting Silky Stewart caused an uproar by taking out a picture of Fidel Castro at Liberty Hall and urging people to buy it instead of pictures of the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was then visiting Belize. One member named Faber immediately called for his entrance fee to be returned and left the meeting saying that he was not going to join any communist movement. Wilhelm Arnold almost fainted.
– pgs. 30, 31, X-COMMUNICATION, selected writings of Evan X Hyde, The Angelus Press, 1995. 

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