Letters — 21 May 2016
Washington’s hands

May 17, 2016

Dear Editor Amandala,


The campaign waged against Belize through the international press couldn’t have been done without the consent and support of the “Friends of Guatemala and Belize.” This has been an old trick that was put into practice during the time of Jacobo Arbenz when the U.S. attack began through publications from the Reader’s Digest, the New York Herald Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, the Saturday Evening Post, etc.

I am convinced that Washington has their hands in the Guatemala issue. Guatemala couldn’t have invaded Belize without the order from Washington. The people of Belize love the United States of America, Great Britain’s big sister. The strategy is exactly what Guatemala is following to correct the Anglo/ US Treaty of 1850/1856.

However, this is not the British Settlement of  the Bay of Honduras nor British Honduras: it is an independent nation by the name of Belize since 1981 and a member of the United Nations, with all the rights and obligations that come along with it through the UN CHARTER.

Order your corrupted bulldogs back to their place, Washington!

Clinton Canul Luna

Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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