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Weekend Warriors Sunday Race results

Here are the results of the Weekend Warriors (WW) Sunday Race held yesterday, with the “A&B” riding from Leslie’s Imports to Boom Village junction via the Boom road and back, for 40 miles; while the “C” rode from Leslie’s to Hattieville and back to Leslie’s.

Category “Open A/B” – 1st place Warren Coye (Santino’s, 1:50:12); 2nd Santino Castillo (Santino’s, st, 1st “B”); 3rd Daniel Cano (Digicell-4G, st); 4th Kent Gabourel, Jr. (Megabytes, st); 5th Ernest Thurton (Santino’s, st); 6th Wilbert Jones (Megabytes); 7th Colin Maheia (FT Williams); 8th Stephen Bissett (BNE); 9th Ernest Meighan (Santino’s); 10th Merk Gentle (FT Williams); 11th Dean Belisle (Smart); 12th Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G); 13th Derrick Smith (BWS); 14th Kevin Hope (Digicell-4G, 2nd “B”); 15th Anwar Barrow (Digicell-4G); 16th Isaiah Willacey (Digicell-4G, 3rd “B”); 17th Kenneth Butler (BWS); 18th Andrew Vasquez (BWS, 4th “B”); 19th Marlon Swift (FT Williams); 20th Mike Lewis (invitee); 21st John Burns (Digicell-4G); 22nd Antonio Escarpeta (FT Williams); 23rd Mike Phillips (Santino’s); 24th Rigoberto Rivas (Santino’s); 25th Jack Sutherland (Digicell-4G); 26th Eustace Ireland (Santino’s); 27th Albert Conorquie (Santino’s); 28th Gilroy Robinson (Santinos’); 29th Ian Abraham (Smart); 30th Vallan Symms (Megabytes); 31st Matthew Smiling (Megabytes); 32nd Kaya Cattouse (Smart); 33rd Calvert Staine (Digicell-4G); 34th George Lovell (Santino’s); and 35th Alicia Thompson (invitee).

Category “C” – 1st Dennis McKoy (Truckers); 2nd Nelson Zyden (Stationery House); 3rd Louis Usher (FT Williams); 4th Manuel Esquiliano (Truckers); and 5th Lawrence Craig (Truckers).

The next event will be the start of the 1st Series for 2014 on Sunday, January 26.

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