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Welcome………… but!

Dear Sir:

America has morphed from super hero of liberation and freedom to colonizing bully.

Friday after next, 6th June, will mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day. On 6th June, 1944, youthful Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, to free Europe from the clutches of German Nazi terror and tyranny. Glorious young warriors waded, landed defying death, conquered, rebuilt and then left. I was only 6 years old and could not then comprehend the full meaning of what America was doing and did for humanity. As an adult I have prayed that what America had done would last forever as the most powerful monument of man’s everlasting hunger for freedom.

A half decade or so passed, and much of my time was consumed watching cowboy movies. I became enchanted by the unselfish heroism portrayed in such movies as Shane. This is the story of a converted gunfighter who stops by and decides to stay to work on a family farm. Their security is threatened by a big farmer bent on devouring all the small farmers, with the help of bullying gunslingers. Shane changes back to his former ways of settling conflicts by violence to preserve this wholesome family of father, mother, and son. The story ends with him riding off into the sunset after a gunfight in which he dispatches all the gunslingers. But he was wounded, and you don’t know if he will survive.

The above historical note and creative expression of nobility and self- sacrificing love has for 7 decades nurtured my love and admiration of the land of the free. “Give me liberty, or give me death,” has epitomized for me the excellence of America.

Can you imagine how shocking it is to me that posthaste upon the arrival of the highest representative of his nation, Mr. Carlos Moreno announces that he will support the Gay Agenda, which will take away my most cherished rights and quickly re-colonize and enslave me and my country?

The Gay Agenda will quickly destroy freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience. Do I need to prove this after the experience of Mr. Bain, U.W.I. professor who only gave scientific information about the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle? Is this not what scientists should do? So what has happened to academic freedom? What does freedom of speech mean?

The Gay Agenda threatens and will destroy the very principles upon which democracy has been built. Freedom of speech is what makes democracy possible, because criticism exercises a corrective and leveling influence so that the rich and powerful are made aware that all men are equal before the law, and there is no elitism or social privilege in a democracy. This is one of the great dangers of the Gay Agenda: it will create a class that may criticize you but cannot be criticized. They will become the new aristocracy. This is repugnant to the concept of democracy.

In Christian charity I say welcome to Carlos Moreno. Unfortunately, he has characterized himself to me not as a true friend but as a new Conquistador, bent on re-colonization, instead of building bridges for a new age of equality in friendship.

Therefore, when he extends his hands to give, I will see the duplicity of the conqueror attempting to trick me as his forebears deceived our ancient Amerindian ancestors. The perception of my black brothers will be worse: his extended hands will invoke the visions of the chains of slavery.

Alas and alack! I never thought I would grow to despise America!

(Signed) Paul Rodriguez

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