Letters — 16 November 2012

In the future they will look back in shock and dismay at the injustices that we have endured under this draconian prohibition.

Dear Editor,

Last Tuesday’s USA election saw two states legalize marijuana for use by those who are 21 years of age or older.

I must say, it is way past due. Because of this, this Monday, November12, Prime Minister Dean Barrow met in Mexico City with President Calderón of Mexico, Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla and Honduras’ President Porfirio Lobo, to discuss the failed war on drugs and what should be done.

Let me help you guys: PLEASE, STOP THE WAR. You are using violence and threats of violence to control peaceful natural human behavior. The truth will set you free.

So, what’s the truth, folks? Oh, there are so many we can’t discuss them all here, but let me help you understand some truths.

1. Ezekiel 34:29: “I will rise up for them a plant of renown.”

2. The true breakthrough of the earth’s most environmentally sound raw material source (fiber and oil).

3. The creation of, possibly, man’s greatest economic engine.

4. Over half of all the trees cut on earth today are to be made into paper. Hemp makes better paper using fewer chemicals and grows organically on a farm, in just three months.

5. The oil from the seed can be used instead of crude oil, and only takes 3 months to replenish, not millions of years, and it is non-toxic to the environment and you.

This is just a letter to the editor and I can’t carry on like a novel, so I might suggest people Google “industrial hemp,” and oh yea, while they are at it, may I also suggest they go to “bible.com” then, using their favorite version, do a search on the word “herb.”

Even though it is illegal almost everywhere in the world today, it is still the number one or two cash crop, in most countries, as this is being written.

Something you must understand: even though marijuana is this incredible cash crop (BZ$200 to $800 per lb. here in Belize and up to US$4,000 a lb. in the US), that the industrial hemp crop dwarfs marijuana when it comes to world market demand and total market cash value. It was a raw material for over 25,000 products in 1935, before it was made against the law, and can be used today for countless more.

Not only has this unjust, unholy declared war cost us trillions of dollars worldwide and ruined millions of lives and negatively impacted billions more, but it has stopped us from using one of nature’s most incredible resources.

It has not only cost us money out of our pockets and love from our spirit, but it has stopped us from being able to create untold wealth for ourselves. If you see it as unclean, then for you it is unclean, but as for me, it is a holy plant and a blessing to mankind. Only those unenlightened condemning souls absent of God’s love could wish to continue this war on their own people.

We do live in a democracy, thank God, and the government is to represent us, the people. We are not brain-dead idiots and do not wish to be treated as such anymore. All those who would wish to continue this unjust, unholy war against the people, understand, what you are doing is wrong and Christ will forgive you, but mankind might not.

Remember, peace and love
Give peace a chance
William Conde

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