Sports — 17 May 2016 — by Jerome Williams – WW Chairman
WW Cashew Fest Race 2016 results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 16, 2016–Here are the results from Weekend Warrior (WW) Cashew Fest Race held yesterday from Leslie’s Imports to Mile 33, Philip Goldson Hwy, via Boom Road and back to Crooked Tree Junction, for 48 miles. The race started at 10:05 a.m.

Top finishers in Category “A/B” – 1st place Warren Coye (Santino’s, 2:04:10); 2nd Preston Martinez (Megabytes, st); 3rd Isaiah Willacey (FT Williams, st); 4th Colin Maheia (FT Williams, st); 5th Kent Gabourel, Jr. (Megabytes, st); 6th Daniel Cano (Santino’s, st); 7th Mark Gentle (FT Williams, 2:06:08); 8th Santino Castillo (Santino’s, 1st “B”); 9th Wilbert Jones (Megabytes); 10th Steven Robinson (Caribbean Tires, 2nd “B”); 11th Francis Cassasola (Santino’s, 3rd “B”); 12th Ernest Olivera (FT Williams, 4th “B”); 13th Barney Brown (Scotiabank); 14th Mark Reid (Santino’s, 5th “B”); 15th Vallan Symns (Megabytes); 16th Dean Belisle (Smart); 17th Kareem Flowers (Santino’s); 18th Gilroy Robinson (Santino’s); 19th Andrew Brown (Megabytes); 20th Kenny Gooding (FT Williams); 21st Arden Garay (BFSC – El Pescador); 22nd Ian Abraham (Smart); and 23rd Joe McKoy (Caribbean Tires). One rider did not finish.

Top “C” finishers – 1st place Enrique Morales (Caribbean Tires, 2:13:00); 2nd Lisa Berger (BFSC – El Pescador, st); 3rd Steve Gill (Smart); 4th Valentine Sosa (Truckers, 2:13:30); and 5th Lawrence Craig (Truckers, 2:22:10). Two riders failed to complete the journey.

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