Sports — 03 March 2018 — by Jerome “Comogys” Williams – WW Chairman
WW Race #4 results & overall classification

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Feb. 27, 2018– Sunday’s Race #4 went from Rockville Junction for the “A/B,” and Democracia Junction for the “C;” and fished at Armenia, after a turn-around at Caves Branch Bridge, which is 2 miles away from Armenia. Both races started at 8.30 a.m.

Top “A/B” finishers were: 1st Place – Palas Joseph (Furnished Apartments Ltd., 1:52:00); 2nd David Yearwood (Furnished Apartments Ltd., st); 3rd Andrew Vasquez (BFSC, st); 4th Preston Martinez (Digicell-4G, 1:52:33); 5th Mark Dueck (Big-Blade, 1:53:01); 6th Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G, st); 7th Mark Gentle (FT Williams, st); 8th Warren Coye (Santino’s, st); 9th Sean Duncan (Smart, st); and 10th Alicia Thompson (Kulture Megabytes, st).
Top “C” finishers:  1st Place – Michael Wagner (Valvoline, 1:42:50); 2nd Wilhelm Coye (Valvoline, 1:44:07); 3rd Richard Gabourel (unattached, 1:44:10); 4th Taralee Ordonez (Kulture Megabytes, 1:44:53); 5th Kaylyn Gillett (Belize Bank Swoosh, 1:45:18); 6th Steve Gill (Smart, 1:45:26); 7th Andrew Bennett (Smart, 1:46:20); 8th Enrique Moralez (Valvoline, 1:48:07); 9th Elton Robinson (Big-Blade, 1:48:39); and 10th Sheldon Arnold (Big-Blade, 1:49:55).

Below is the overall classification after 4 races:
“A/B” Overall Classification: 1st Preston Martinez (Digicell-4G, 97 points); 2nd Warren Coye (Santino’s, 91 pts); 3rd Mark Gentle (FT Williams, 76 pts); 4th Sean Duncan (Smart, 76 pts); 5th Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G, 74 pts); 6th Charles Garay (BFSC, 71 pts); 7th Hector Tzyleta (Valvoline, 66 pts); 8th Alvan Gillett (Kulture Megabytes, 60 pts); 9th Palas Joseph (Furnished Apartments Ltd., 57 pts); and 10th Windell Williams (Smart, 48 pts).

“C-Class” Overall Classification:  1st Steve Gill (Smart, 93 points); 2nd Taralee Ordonez (Kulture Megabytes, 85 pts); 3rd Andrew Bennett (Smart, 84 pts); 4th Elton Robinson (Big-Blade, 83 pts); 5th Sheldon Arnold (Big-Blade, 80 pts); 6th Matthew Castellanos (Big-Blade, 80 pts); 7th Enrique Morales (Valvoline, 79 pts); 8th Michael Wagner (Valvoline, 78 pts); 9th Louis Usher (Santino’s, 76 pts); and 10th Ingmar Perrera (BFSC, 59 pts).

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