General — 24 September 2013 — by Rochelle Gillett
Yhony Rosado acquitted of firearm charge

Witnesses give different versions of what occurred

This afternoon, Yhony Rosado walked out of court a free man after he was found not guilty of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Vitalino Reyes, Jr.

In December of last year, Yhony Rosado, owner of, was arrested and charged after Vitalino Reyes, Jr., who works for, had made a report to police that Rosado had pulled his 9mm gun and threatened him with it in an incident which had occurred in August.

Rosado was granted bail after spending one night in jail, and the repercussions of that report were long-lasting and costly. But, as mentioned, he was acquitted of that charge after his lawyer, Kareem Musa, made a no-case submission in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, which was upheld by Magistrate Aretha Ford.

Five witnesses were called for the prosecution’s case, and although all of them appeared and testified in court, all of their testimonies differed in detailing what actually occurred, and there were inconsistencies in the statements that were given to police.

One such instance involved the variations in the reports Vitalino Reyes, Sr., made to the police. On his first visit, he told police that his family had told him that his son was assaulted, but on his second visit, he told the police that he was present when it occurred.

Another inconsistency surfaced when Vitalino, Jr.’s cousin and uncle took the stand and testified that Rosado pulled out his gun, but pointed it to the sky, and not at Vitalino, Jr.

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