Letters — 04 June 2013 — by Judy Roberts

I am writing to you regarding my concerns to opening up Southern Belize to mega cruise ships. I come to Belize because it is quiet and peaceful. I have found the cayes to be environmentally friendly. The manatees are safe as well as the coral reefs. I hope you do not let these mega ships come in. I do not believe they will help your local people.

I think you will find that cruise ships of that size will dump waste, and disturb the diverse marine areas. Many times the cruise ships break down and have to be towed. They have been known to make disastrous navigational errors, spill oil and bring in tourists who have no interest in maintaining pristine beaches and a delicate environment. Please consider this matter very carefully!

When I visit Belize, I support the local businesses. I have property in Belize and hope to build soon. I love your country and do not want to see it changed by large corporations that only care about the dollars they can take from Belize.

Thank you for listening to my comments and I hope you will take them to heart.

Your biggest fan,
Judy Roberts

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