Letters — 05 February 2013 — by Concerned and trying citizen of Belize

Dear Editor,

Why do all you employers seek people with no police record? It’s automatically putting a blockage on the young black men of Belize, for they are the ones that are more at risk. If you ask for people with clean records only at all times, what do you expect of the country? What do you expect of those who are being denied another try?

To be very honest, I have an Associate Degree, but it’s worth less than zero in Belize, and I feel as if I wasted my money and energy in education in this country. I have little resources and a promissory note to assist in pursuing my Bachelor’s, but I am very much unmotivated in every aspect.

I am very, very much heart-broken and frustrated, knowing NO ONE wants to give us a chance. Sometimes you got to do the weighing of the pros and cons to see why they even got the charge or offense.

I know no one really wants to hear my story, but I was caught up when I was younger, and even the bigger heads of this country give you no second chances. Unfortunately, I was around the wrong two guys in a vehicle when the police stopped the vehicle and searched it and found a loaded weapon, which was NOT my own or had anything to do with me, but me being the youngest and having had no previous charges, I had to take the charge, otherwise (you know the rest).

Our system offers no sense of security for people in positions like this, and the cycle continues, as they just need someone to convict. But if they were on the side of the people, a proper investigation would have plainly showed that I did not want to take that charge, but was afraid of the outcome. I really wish I could turn it back and take the risk of dying, rather than being denied everything I’m hoping for.

I now have to live my life with extreme caution, for there is a very large charge hanging over my head, for which I must pay a large sum of money to the court, that I cannot find, and in default, I will get 7 years imprisonment.

Hence, the reason I remain a positive role model to others. I do a whole lot for this country, which I can gladly show, and I will continue to do it. It’s very sad and really holding down our country, as we have some of the most willing and educated people sitting at home or on the streets due to them being denied the opportunity of redeeming themselves.

The state we are in will never ever change if we don’t give those who are at risk a chance. How do you not expect crime to rise and your companies not being targeted when the very persons that are doing them have no other lane to drive on?

For you ARE a part of the problem. Like the saying goes, “At least with a record you know what I have done.” Be afraid of what you don’t know, who you can’t see through or figure out.

I do not wish to say much more, for it’s quite simple to understand and straightforward. Be a part of the solution, and not the problem, please! You’d be surprised how that individual can change your life, or the life of your company!

Blessed day to all.

Sincerely yours,
Concerned and trying citizen of Belize

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